SCM music player Smiley Star < < hems.✗

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old dorm buddies Taemin & Henry~

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bangdae’s awkward relationship 

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252-253/300 pics of Everybody Era

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Lee Hyun Woo sending peace signs

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f(x) 5th anniversary countdown:
D-12 ♡ their greeting

안녕하세요! 에프엑스 입니다 / hello! we are f(x).

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"At first I was thinking why would sulli only be taking small roles, she debuted as an actress earlier than as a singer. Her passion for acting is so great, there was a time when she passed a night without sleep just to wait for her filming part. I think she did well." Pirates Director Lee Seok Hoon

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stop being cute

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got7’s selca king, bambam

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maknae can’t stay still~ ><

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on screen vs off screen

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